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November 16, 2009


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Get it? TREE farm? "BRANCH" manager?

It's just a really, really bad pun. I've got more if you want to suffer through them.


Oh dear. Could you just leaf it alone?


No, I'm going to 'stick' with it...


That's really going out on a limb, Joe.


Yeah, you gotta bough before such courage.


Scott, I think that last comment was bordering on sappy. :)


All of you seem to be rooted in... pundamentalism...

A fredette

Ithink you are all barking up the wrong tree

A fredette

Maybe you could spruce up the place


So where are you going, Fr. Joe? I have had the feeling for quite some time that something new is up with you. Your parish webpage just comes up blank. Whatever is going on May you and yours have a blessed Advent and I thank you for, well, just being who you are.


I'm not going anywhere, just lowering the standard of the blogosphere with some really bad puns. And we've been reworking some pages on the parish site, but haven't uploaded them yet!

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