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October 01, 2009


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Relationship really is predicated on sacrifice.
What is the pinnacle of relationship? Greater love hath no man...

Seth Godin puts this really nicely (in a business context).

or you can take it from the mouth of a Catholic Archbishop.

From a mercenary perspective, the great thing about people is that they keep being born; they keep dying. New ones come along, and that means that an otherwise self-destructive business of giving people what they want is sustainable - not for any given person, but over the population. The twitter boys have had remarkable success.

That being said, a shallow medium isn't really good or bad, it's just shallow.

I only wish we didn't break our necks when trying to dive deep into a shallow pool.


I go back and forth with the shallowness of Twitter and Facebook.

I feel like everyone is deeply exhausted, physically. In general, we ignore the Sabbath and have made overscheduling a cultural practice and we're rung out. It has to contribute to the wish for connection without expectation.

So then sometimes I think the fact that anyone wants to remain connected at all is a hopeful sign.

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