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July 22, 2009


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whitman also talked about being one with everyone and one being everyone with him--deft not a xian, but not believing that he was a law into himself.

did i ever send you the paper that compared james and whitman?


"Of all the countries of the world, America is the one in which the precepts of Descartes are least studied and best followed" - Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1851) "Democracy in America".

I think de Tocqueville had it correct. The American romantic individualism, the assurance that the "self" is the ultimate authority, is the most prevalent characteristic of our culture. And I agree with him that it is also the least understood of our presuppositions.

Send me the paper on James & Whitman, I'll be at the lake over the weekend & will have a look.


it's not mine. but have emailed a pdf

(i think Tocqueville misses some of the more commuintarian energy in American thot, it is a struggle b/w both of them)

Tim Chesterton

Al theological issues aside, the Niagara Rite really is a very bad piece of liturgy. One of the commentators over at Thinking Anglicans calls it an 'awful, badly written, tacky ceremony'. I agree.


i mean the problem with the new liturgies is they tend to be politics over language...though the BCP still has prayers to gaurd against mensturating women, and to convert the jews, both of which perhaps should no longer be in the active liturgy.


tim - I concur.

anthony - got the essay, thanks, & was working on the other front but my first choice has since left town. Will tryto look for a few others.

On another front, I think I'll clean up iphoto and post some more pics for the next few weeks...


yea, fotos!


"To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all men—that is genius’’

That isn't genius, that is insanity.


>>though the BCP still has prayers to gaurd against mensturating women

I suspect this is still a common prayer for many.

As you were...


anthony - where is that prayer? I thought I knew the BCP pretty well, but haven't run across it.

Leslie - not touching that one with a barge pole...

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