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June 25, 2009


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Mrs. Spit

You know, I seem to have this argument with people about the way we remember history. The history of history as it were. I don’t think it’s just religion we do this with, I think we do it with most things. We have an innate tendency, as human’s to make the past seem rosier and simpler than it really actually is.

We remember this mythical age when all mothers stayed home, but we do not acknowledge that the concept of childhood, as we understand it, would have been foreign to our great-grandparents. The apron-clad woman of the 50’s would be utterly alien to a woman from the 1850’s. But we yearn for those days, when everyone knew what their role is. We don’t remember the way the war changed those roles for everyone.

We mistake cliché’s for history – we think because we can see pictures of a woman vacuuming in high heels, it must always have been that way. We don’t understand that just because the media portrays it this way, history was this way.

It often seems to me that the greatest danger of history is that we appear to harken back to a time when men were men, and women were ladies. Or something. It says something, about our laziness, or the quality of our history education or just a yearning to believe that there were times that were less complicated than our own times.


I haven't seen the film yet; I probably will at some point, but it simply has too much to live up to when compared the TV series - which did such an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the book.

I am sure some of the TV series' appeal is in the languidly read monologues from the book - there would not be enough time in a film.

And who could compete with the wonderful Nickolas Grace?

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