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May 20, 2009


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It is perhaps possible to be a moderate Misery Lutheran.


C.S. Lewis probably said it best, that Christianity is not a framework, but a catastrophic event which must be accommodated and woven into any framework we create.

Certainly God is not described in the Bible as one who will separate the goats from the sheep from the moderate sheep from the marginal goats... he makes a clean split of it, although his evaluation of that split is his and his alone to make, and is not ours to guess.

In that sense, I can never say that a Christian is moderate, because to do so is a reflection of my uncertainty and not of their actual standing.

However, when talking about behaviour, piety and all the other cornerstones of a religion, using the word moderate makes perfect sense.

"I'm batting six for 10 on the commandments this week, so I guess you could say I'm a moderate Christian."

I'd have been seven for 10, but the last guy wouldn't say it. >:(

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