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May 09, 2009


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Looking forward to part two.

Steve L.-

Next time you are in Red Deer, my van needs an intersession for grandparents and perhaps exorcise the rattle.


Bravo, Joe.

Jim Robertson

I met Sarah Joy about 2 weeks ago... the weekend you were at Cursillo, she came to St. Paul's with her mom, and was seated in the pew behind be. Actually, in a sense, I met her twice. First, at the Peace - and then I had the delight and privilege of serving her communion. Both were profound moments for me. Both were true encounters with other... not the other who is the stranger, the unknown, the different... but the other met as 'thou', and the 'thou' was apparent to me because of Sarah's sheer and absolute presence in the moment. More over coffee someday...

Jim Robertson

Next time we arrange coffee, remind me to bring a package... pictures and the story of another Sara.


Thanks for the kind words all. Part two will look at (I hope) a few paths forward which are based on grace, not law(s)...

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