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March 17, 2009


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I made a couple of comments that were held in moderation, too. They are gone altogether, now. Odd, since they were quite polite.

Funnily enough, a pingback to my blog sits unmolested in one of the comments.

Steve L.-

Gee what a surprise mine are in Never-Never Land. The fact that I pick a Bob Bettson and the ACoC has nothing to do with it. Surprisingly I have an old e-mail from Bob telling me how he never comments on the blogs or other peoples postings.

Most of the letters shown so far have been less than complimentary


I'm going to try one more time, then I paln to write to the embassy and ask that they send a special envoy to press for the release of comments which have been held, without charge, in moderation for several days.

I also expect that the my comments being held in moderation have adequate access to food and water, as well as regular consultation with other comments also being held.

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