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March 08, 2009


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Steve L.-

Well Fred so far 3 out of 5 letters are more than unhappy. At least they are posting but will they listen


I'm hoping that as people make their views known, at least some (like Russ B) might be open to a coffee or a beer and maybe a conversation. It wouldn't be the first time that I've gotten togther with someone who has publicly aired their beefs with the church. I'm still waiting for the national site to post my comment at the original article - it's in "comment moderation" - which I suppose means that head office is trying to figure out something about me.

I think one of the great missed opportunities of this project would be for us who are in the ACoC to fail to reach out to those who have stories of being hurt by the church. Otherwise the online project becomes something akin to gawking at an accident.

At any rate - I'd like to get a chance to hear Russ out and maybe respond in person over pasta and a pinto noir to some of the things he has experienced in the Church. The Church will never be perfect, and is often far from it. But the Church's foundation is perfect, and He always will be.


Interestingly, that comment has been removed "at the author's request".

I'm guessing that comment moderation has just been turned on; I have a comment in moderation, too. I have a feeling it will never appear.

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