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March 10, 2009


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Is this culture simply the inevitable result of a religion that one can be 'raised into' or 'born into'?

I can't argue with the article. When a tree collapses, it's not because it's dying. It's because it's already dead.

I wouldn't cling to anything that fails the acid test of, "Does this have the power to impact my life?"


The statement is possibly true.

Similarly, I suspect the Anglican church in the West has produced a culture of old Christians who know next to nothing about their faith, including how they feel about it.


scott - I have long thought that a type of christianity which is dependent upon modernity for its success will fade as modernity does. In that sense I think Spencer is right in that a deterioration of modernity-based evangelicalism is happening/going to happen. The idea of a faith as something inherited automatically is, I think, a hindrance to real growth in faith. "We have Abraham for our father"...

David - you're not being cynical, are you? :^)

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