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March 25, 2009


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I was reading Christanity Today's article on the Buddhist Bishop and Muslim Priest in TEC, and I was struck, when we lose our core identity, what exactly it means to be a Christian - to follow Christ, not as we conceive him to be, but as the Bible and the church show him to be, we lose our ability to stand on firm ground. Which is, I'll grant, not a particularly new idea, but it struck me, how terribly lost we are. We are conservatives and Christians, Liberals and Christians, Women and Christians, instead of just Christians.

Thanks for this.


You're welcome.

Identity is fractured for most (all?) of us. And we tend to resist change to our prefered identity, even if that identity is (as Dr Phil would say) "not working for us." I have come to believe that it is only by a work of grace that we can submit our identity to God for re-formation. Most of the time we, or at least I, tend to hold on to those things around which I've built my sense of identity. To lose one's very self into God, trusting that we become more fully, not less, of what we are meant to be...

That is my hope in Christ.

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