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January 07, 2009


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Shawn Branch

thanks for the tips....i'll keep this in mind for after the wedding.


I have a friend who is a chartered psychologist (& is also a Christian and does faith based counselling as well). He makes the observation that in all his years of practice, he has noticed a difference between couples who have worked at an intimate life of prayer together and those who haven't. Guess which group reported more satisfaction in the other kind of nakedness? I'm just sayin'...

Other than that, I can't give you any more premarital advice. Except perhaps this: get your own key to the Shell station mens' room. It will save you a lot of grief over the toilet seat thing.


LOL, never a one to throw a grenade into the peaceful waters of the blogosphere, eh?

It may be that having introduced the title that peoples minds do not so easily gravitate upwards to your main point. Instead, they get to be thinking that the Walker clan has grown to its current size due to diligent and extensive Psalm praying. Not that MY mind would gravitate in that direction, oh no.


What are the chances that I'll be getting a lot of viagra email spam over the next couple of days?

On the serious note, carving out time together for prayer, especially with 4 kids (one of whom requires a lot of extra time due to disability) is simply essential for keeping marriage a life long affair.

there's also the question:
Have your kids ever caught you at it?


A whole new meaning to Coverdale translation.

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