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January 16, 2009


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Scott Gilbreath

I hope (and pray) they use the same feeble slogan as appears on London buses: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy life".

I can't believe the outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins signed on to such a mealy-mouthed ad campaign.


i was talking about this with some atheist friends last night, and if i had to be really frank with myself, i would agree with this sentence, and hopefully they could replace the really ham fisted/simple minded daily bible studies one from some baptists in Scarborough.


Scott - it does seem like the "atheist" part of the campaign is on a slippery slope...

anthony - I suppose that the sentence would have great appeal to people who are enjoying their lives. On the other hand, I can't help but think what a platitude this must be for those who are not enjoying their lives. [Not that some Christians aren't into mere platitudes either].

What's up with the baptists in Scarborough? I'm thinking of my own bus ads: "Jesus is the bread of life: without him you're toast."
Waddya think? Will it pack them in?


just obvious and fairly poor hermeneutics, and bad design, i will take a shot of it next time.


anthony - I'll have to get you to do some design for me.



i dont do it, i just critique it, and i think that you note the problem with the agnostic buses except i am unsure that xianity is supposed to comfort, i noticed that the priest didn't talk about the Corinthian reading last sunday for example, i think b/c it is a queer friendly congregation and they don't like thinking about fornication.


I don't think hetero-friendly congregations find it to be a favorite topic either!

scott (not Gilbreath)

I order you to be happy! The penalty for disobedience is unhappiness!

"Now stop worrying and enjoy your life."
Haven't we all tried to do that already, and failed? That's why we're turning to either God or Richard Dawkins.

The slogan is a nice problem description, "You're worrying and not enjoying your life", but if I was looking for a rule of life, I'd probably want to seek out one that was a little more... helpful? Illuminating?

The implicit assumption is that theism is the overwhelming source of worry and anxiety in our lives, which, reading the newspapers, is not the first conclusion I would jump to.


Somehow I picture leaflets with this slogan on it being air-dropped over parts of Zimbabwe. I think I read on BBC that the agnostibuses were being rather unwelcome in certain culturally demographed neighbourhoods...

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