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December 19, 2008


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Very impressive!

My shower exploded last march. What can you do with that?

Belinda Burston

Wow, I LOVED that story Felix! Thank you for it and for telling it so wonderfully.

I am Belinda of Whatever He Says, another blog in the Religion/Philosophy category of the Canadian Blog Awards. I am also a member of the leadership team of The Word Guild: . I want to spread the word to those who may not know of this wonderful association of writers who are Christian. It is a great place to network. Our mission is to impact the culture of Canada through the media, especially the written word. I extend a warm invitation to join, if you haven't already considered it. Rev. Ed Hird, of British Columbia is a member. He is the author of Battle for the Soul of Canada.

Belinda Burston

I hope it's ok but I am printing off the story to share at a little Christmas concert tonight, with due credit to the source of course!


Mrs Spit - hmmm... I think there is some good material to work with there. Perhaps Mr Spit & I cold go into business doing home reno work together.

Belinda - thanks for dropping by - feel free to use anything from my blog which you find.
All credit goes to Him...



I don't know how to say this, but tonight our doorknob fell off.
Only the side that fell off has trapped us in instead of locking us out.

I am not making this up.


Leslie, between you and Mrs Spit, I'm getting lots of material to work with here. "The Purpose Driven Door" will be a bestseller, and I will give you each a share of the royalties. I will still charge my friends entrance fees to the conferences, though.

Mrs. Spit

As always felix, you are kindness and graciousness itself.

Fix the leaking basement in our 1911 house, and you can keep the royalties!

Leslie might need hers to find someone to fix her knob though.

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