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December 11, 2008


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Wonderful poem.

I know I have little interest in that sort of digging, although I might have just enough to allow God to have a go. Matches all our (well, my) Christian experience, does it not?

When something has to change, God works to make it happen, sometimes (oh, alright, usually) even when I don't want the change - and I definitely don't want him to interfere.


>>I think one of the greatest barriers to my own growth as a Christian is the lack of depth in repentance.

This is something I relate to very strongly. For me, I find when I reflect on myself with the intent of repenting, it always comes out is when I catch a glimpse or renewed sense of the God's holiness that genuine repentance follows. The trouble is God seems to control when he lets loose those glimpses. I can't conjure them up when I wish to be more penitent. So then my latest wondering is whether or not my quest for depth of repentance and in particular the feeling of profound "rightness" that comes with it is similar to that quest for the buzz of emotional worship that many seek.

Which, is a thought I don't really know what to do with other than sit back a ways from it and mull it over.


There are very few things that really matter.

This is one of them.


the last aria of the first act of doctor atomic, uses this as a text. the opera is based on oppenhiemer, and their is so much thunder, and humility, and anger, and devotion, it was one of the most profound spirtual moments i have had this year.

and you are right about the humility that it takes to ask forgiveness, to be human is to lose self i think


Hi Leslie:

I share with you an inability to be really serious about repenting. I assume this is what you mean when you talk about the "lack of depth in repentance." Now, I don't feel so guilty since there are at least two of us!

My view is that this is part of an innate arrogance (at least on my part) about how "right" I am in dealing with various issues. It is very difficult for me to admit that I may be wrong. I recognize this and try to deal with it. I guess this is all part of our spiritual journey.

Any of this sound familiar, Leslie?


I suppose it does Andy.
Only perhaps I'd say I'm grappling with it at the cellular level these days.

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