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November 16, 2008


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Frugal Dougal

Dear Rev Walker, I just wanted to say I love your site. I came to it while doing some research for an article for our local Parish Magazine on Christmas. I was baptised in the RC church but have been worshipping in the Church of England for about a year; being somewhat green, I wanted to find out if the Baptism of the Lord is celebrated in hte Anglican communion and whether it was referred to by that name. Job done! I'll be looking at your notes regularly - keep up the good work!

Frugal Dougal


Thanks for the kind words, Frugal.

ps - I think its the '..' marks that get me, as if it's supposed to be ominous. Or that there will slowly be a tranformation of male clergy into female by some unknown process. I dunno. Been a long week.


I got that too, that there is some metamophosis going on. Be careful it doesn't come to Canada or you may be more than an accessory to the crime at the next birth. Heh.


Yes, a Kafkaesque statement that, in addition to its grammatical peculiarities, just gives me the willies.

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