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November 22, 2008


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Lol. I tried my blog and it came out the exact opposite of what I turn out. Does this mean you are really an ESTJ? Always wanted to be a Jesuit :-)


These kinds of online quizzy things are always funny - I've seen more than a few bloggers whose blogs are the opposite of their own type. However, the last time I did a Myers Briggs, I scored as INFP or INTP, I can't remember which. From the couple of blogs I've read which used this, it is either completely accurate or completely opposite. Maybe that says more about the test...

I and the blog are one.

Frugal Dougal

I love this site - I've been playing with it for ages!

Frugal Dougal

PS linked to your blog page - FD


Heh. I came out as INTP!


BTW, when I enter your blog address, it comes out as INTP.....


I think it keeps changing depending on what posts are on the front page of the blog - I think my last Virgil' Aeneid post put me in another category. I'm going to post on the Grey Cup game later and see what that does... :^)


I voted for you today, Joe.


FD - I'm honoured

Peter - I'm going to post pictures of kittens, and that should increase the Mr Sensitivity side of things... :^)

Leslie - good heavens. Now I am torn - should I go for a full scale campaign, or be content with a minority government. ps - are you in there in the feminist category? If so, you've got my vote.


Joseph I personally was hoping for a revival of the felix hominum haggis bribe of the last go-round.

The blog awards gurus decided to hire a women's studies major to analyze the nominees of the feminist blog to decide if they were truly feminist. Apparently it's a very complicated category.

Alas, Alice the Camel was found lacking the true rabid feminist qualities often found in rabid, angry feminists. It's hard for camels to get too worked up about things. If the desert hasn't made you crazy nothing will. And apparently the definition of feminist is not open for re-definition.

Anyway, that'll leave me more time to campaign for you.


Hi there! I came across this post through my Google Alerts for the word "MBTI." This may or may not be of interest to you, but I write a blog about the MBTI and wrote a post about how Typealyzer is basically junk. I know lots of people are checking it out for entertainment sake- and that's totally cool...but I hope you don't confuse those "blog type" results for your own personality type. Anyway, I won't go into why the site is junk here, I just wanted to let you know if you wanted to learn more, here's the original post:

I also have a discussion in the comments section with the creator of the Typealyzer site.


Thanks for your comment, Breanne. I usually take these online quiz things as amusment, rather than fact. I suspecct that is how many of of these quick and easy quizzes work: basically don't take it too serioulsy, and just have some fun. Hope your site does well.

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