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November 27, 2008


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Ian McKenzie

We don't do too much beyond adding some Advent related reading to our day: either from "Watch for the Light, readings for Advent and Christmas", originally compiled by the Bruderhof Communities and published by Plough or Madeleine L'Engle's "Bright Evening Star".

Raspberry Rabbit

We have had an Advent Study every year now for about five years. We start off at 7 pm with a bowl of soup and some cheese and then follow a theme for three weeks. This year it's "heaven" - a study I've called "Hereafters". We generally get about thirty on the first week and fall to about twenty-five by the end of the series.

Our advent wreath is not a regular advent wreath. We had a German lady in our congregation who, years ago, starting making advent wreaths with lots of red and white ribbons and white candles as well as cedar boughs and other leafy bits. The tradition has continued here over the years. It was a little hard to take at first. I yearned for purple and pink candles. I'm getting used to it now.


My practice is nowhere near as spiritual. At sundown on the Eve of Advent 1, I turn on my Advent lights...all blue. Then on Christmas Eve, I turn the coloured ones on as well. I don't think anyone notices but it pleases me for some strange reason. I look forward to the Christmas Eve display.


On a personal, family, note, we have a little "advent tree" thing which we got from a family at another parish. Each evening in advent there is a small symbolic "decoration" which is put on the tree and then we talk about what the decoration says about Jesus. We started doing it just a few years ago, mostly through the great organizational skills of mrs felix.

On Dec 6 we are going to have a St Nicholas fun day at the church for kids of all ages: some songs, some advent/ christmas crafts, some games, and some simple bible story stuff.


I don't do much. It all goes by so guickly and everything and everyone seems so busy and not at all Adventish. I guess I try to be more disciplined. And it has to do with reading. Like actually reading the lessons and psalms for each day for Morning and Evening Prayer, which I tend to be sporadic with unless it's Advent or Lent. And I read some of the Sundays in Advent homilies of the Fathers. And I like to read on the Four Last Things. I wish I had Advent lights. What a great idea.


I'm not sure how I will fit it in, but for the last several Advents I have played through "Messiah" on the first Sunday.

I also usually pick up an Advent reader, but have yet to do so.


Hey Gene:

Great idea! I just dropped into the dollar store on the way home and now our balcony is festooned in blue. Thanks for the idea.


i have been going to church, and i also have my hannah montanna advent calendar


(oh and listening to the benjamin britten arrangements of carols

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