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November 07, 2008


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This too funny!

My fear is that they will upload ALL the video versions of Amazing Grace on the Facebook site. I used to really like that hymn.


I'm just waiting for the harmonica and accordion version to be posted.

Scott Gilbreath

I see that one cannot just "join the group", as one usually does on Facebook, one must "become a fan". That's going a bit farther than many Anglicans would be prepared to.


Scott: I think it depends on what you think is Core Facebook.

Joseph: And how about bagpipes and steel drums? My impresion of Hell (which may be my fate) is that all day they play steel drums and all night they play bagpipes. Which reminds me of the old Yiddish curse: may you be like a chandelier - hang by day and burn by night!


Hey Andy, how about going back to the other thread and answering my question about the African bishops? Unless it was just a false accusation on your part...


Hi all - we will try to keep the threads separate (as difficult as that might seem to be sometimes) Thanks.


Sorry, Joseph.

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