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October 22, 2008


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Interesting times ... I wonder how many other dioceses will follow suit.

However, we see the following (bizarre) development in the Diocese of Ontario at its recent synod:

"The Bishop said that for this present Synod a Notice of Motion had been received, asking that the Bishop be authorized, under certain circumstances, to permit the blessing of same-sex marriages. On the advice of the Chancellor of the Diocese, based on positions adopted by the Anglican Communion and by the Canadian General Synod, the Bishop ruled this motion to be out of order.* However, the matter would be discussed at this Synod in Indaba Conversations. Following these conversations, the Bishop pledged himself to circulate within 7 days a Reflections Document which will summarize our position on this important matter."

What's going on in Kingston?

At some point, the Bishops are going to have to bite the bullet on this issue.


I'm not sure how much fellowshipping the bishops will be able to take at their upcoming meeting: Ottawa and Montreal are set to start developing liturgies for SSB almost immediately.

And ps, the Australians in Sydney are looking at lay people & deacons presiding at the eucharist...


I guess my first thought is this comment: "Everyone deserves to be blessed".

What does that mean? What does it mean to be blessed? How are we to be blessed? Can I just walk into an Anglican church and just ask to be blessed? Can I ask for specific things to be blessed? Are there any restictions on this blessing?

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