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October 07, 2008


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Hello Joseph. What do you think of all these things?

For myself, I think it a tragic necessity.


It will all come out in my book. :^) Seriously though, It's a large topic which won' tbe covered in these few comments, but here are some thoughts. Caveat lector:

I would have to answer that sort of question in a roundabout way (at least in the opinion of some). I have read enough of church history to be familiar with the varieties of ways in which divisions and difficulties have arisen, and also the ways in which issues were resolved and lived through until there was light on the other side. I don't believe I am called to lead anyone out of the Anglican Church of Canada, though I can see how some people would, in good faith and conscience, believe themselves to be so called. Just as I can see how in my own city there are at least 4 bishops all claiming authority (Anglican, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Orthodox), and I can see how each has a valid ministry. Yet the very fact that we already have several bishops, each of whom sees his/her office as part of the 'catholic' continuity from the apostles, tells me that Christendom as a whole has some issues.

On another level, I agree that it is quite tragic that the Anglican church has found itself in this situation, and I believe that the same sex issue is not the "core" issue, but simply the symptom of other root issues. It is the uncovering and dealing with the root issues which is the most difficult thing in spiritual life, whether on an individual or a corporate level. That's what we as a church need to do.

I think that anglicans who have been saying "God is doing a new thing" over the past decade, have themselves built the bridge by which some of these parishes are exiting the structure of the ACoC, and yet remaining "Anglican" by being in communion with the Southern Cone et al. God might just as well be doing a new thing there, if that is the measure one uses.

For myself? "Bloom where you're planted"; I know where Christ has called me.

ps - an interesting thought which keeps popping up in the early literature is the notion that the diocese is the basic unit of church governance, not a national body. There is the diocese with episcopal oversight, and then there is the universal church. How we have looked at "church" has been, I submit, coloured by our understanding of the western nation-state as the basic political body, and applying that to the church. I suspect Christians of other eras would disagree with the way we "see" what the church is and how it functions as a structure.


There is the diocese with episcopal oversight, and then there is the universal church.
Yet I am not sure where this leaves anyone living under the current dispensation.


Thanks Joseph - I've been following Cyprian, and me being me I wanted to see how that tied into what you were thinking :-)

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