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October 31, 2008


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That's pretty funny. But it troubles me. And makes me sad. Because this sort of thing is healthy when we are able to laugh at a caricature of ourselves but very unhealthy when we laugh at a caricature of others. I am getting very tired of having my tradition trashed by fellow Christians. I don't go around trashing rabid Evangelicals or hazy Latitudinarians. I have serious issues with both but that's life. We're all in this together and really need to work at exercising Charity.


I, personally, have been spotted supporting 3 of the 4 "primary aims" during divine worship.

"Train a child up as a thurifer, and when he is old he shall not depart from it".


When people start creating websites about drowning Anabaptists - that's when I'll start to worry!!!


You'd trust a child with a thurifer?? I wouldn't trust any of my kids with one, they'd set the church on fire!


What happened to Bible baseball???


Kate: I hear you, but then again we just updated our insurance policy...

Tim - our youth group must have been using a different curriculum!


What is a thurifer?


It's the thingamajig that you put the incense in. It's designed so that you can whirl it around in a 360 degree arc - imagine that in the hands of a ten year old boy....


I shudder.


Or is the thurifer the person who wields the thingamajig? I've forgotten...


Kate you have me curious now so I just wikipedia'd it and a thurifer wields a thurible...which in the context of a 10 year old sounds just turrible.

As an aside, I can sit in a smelly room of cigarette smoke and not be bothered by incense really does a number on me. :)


I remember once when I was in the choir, and took a deep breath to begin singing...just as the thurible was at the same height as my nose. The alto section was weaker by one person for a few minutes....


I would have been out for the rest of the evening. :)

In the interest of due diligence to grammar, punctuation and sin-tacks, I see I should have said, "and not be bothered, BUT incense really does a number".


Leslie, we used to call that the Protestant allergy.


Back in the day I was a teacher assistant in a Catholic school system and the day of the reconciliation service the children went into confession and came out with a pellet of incense which they were to take to the altar under the sky light and drop it in the ember etc, etc.

First out were the 5 & 6 year olds who were completely bamboozled by the whole process (note Kate's concerns about children and thuribles) so being the closest to the front (the Catholic staff were all lining up for confession) I rounded them up knelt down with them, told them about God gathering their prayers up like incense, we watched the smoke rise and said the Lord's Prayer together. It was all quite sweet.

Only no sooner were we done when the grade 2's showed up.

For an hour I stooped over that stuff as I worked my way up to grade NINE.

I contemplated filing a WCB claim, but there's no coverage for that...
I contemplated going to confession to confess my uncharitable thoughts about the priest's incense idea...


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