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September 11, 2008


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Thank you Joe, for your wisdom and compassion

The Sheepcat

Bless you, Joseph.

Lisa Barrowclough

(As always, thank you for your wisdom and grace.)


A most righteous rant, my friend.


Genetic Testing to detect Down's syndrome is nothing but genocide

in Canada, advocating Genocide is a crime. This doctor should be gaoled.


Yes, he should be,except we are the country that gave Morgentaller an award of Canada.

Automatic testing? The doctor who gave me my stage 2 ultraound (heart defects run in teh family, and I would have had to deliver in a different hospital had teh baby had the defect) when I was pregnant and 40 was shocked that I had refused testing. He just didn't get it that I would not terminate under any circumstances.

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