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August 27, 2008


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fixed now, apparently

what did they do?


Sounds like they bombarded the site so that the server shut down. Think fuses on the internet.


I dunno Joe... perhaps revenge of the nerds or perhaps a conspiracy by "those conservatives" to gain sympathy from the docile Anglican masses ;-) to Malcolm+
The Athabasca website is different in content than say New Westminster but the ACoC can only tolerate so much diversity. The pro-life component is interesting on the Athabasca website.
Richard Leggett from Vancouver School of Theology was on CBC Radio this noon & among other things mentioned the "principled stand on abortion" whch the ACoC has taken over the years. I have searched the ACoC website & cannot remember anything of note from the past 30 years or so. Have I missed anything Joe ??


I searched the ACoC on-line archives & there are a number of very bold & thoughtful pro-life positions however they end in 1988 at the time the abortion law was overturned.


Tom, I have to admit I was (pleasantly) surprised that the Synod of Athabasca addressed this issues which they did, and that they spoke with such a clear voice. I recall that after Lambeth there were some concerns that the "Canadian voice" had not be fully heard; I wonder if the voice of Athabasca was fully heard?


I hope so & a good starting point for the Anglican church would be a similar position the Christian Reformed Church has taken.
see www.crcna/pages/positions_abortion.cfm

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