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August 31, 2008


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Thanks Joe for this series on Unity & the church - lots to ponder over especially with us folks in the Diocese of New West at this time.

Dr. Jim Packer wrote an interesting essay prior to Lambeth 98 "Unity and Truth: The Anglican Agony"*

The older Anglican churches of the Western world are deeply divided and starting to split over questions of truth raised by the policies and pressures that flow from their mainly liberal leadership.The historic concept of Anglican comprehensiveness as liberty of opinion on secondary matters within a stable framework of worship, discipline and agreement on fundamentals has ceased to apply. The New Testament ascribes to the church a given unity in Christ that is bounded by Christ-centred truth, but within Anglicanism this is being eroded. The only hope for recovery lies in a moratorium on hasty constitutional changes where concensus is lacking,sustained adherence to the hitoric orthodoxy that centres on the Trinity and the incarnation, and co-operative labour in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ."

Dr. Packer then expands under sections titled Crisis,Ambiguity, Agony, Unity, Truth and Hope
"The Anglican family is in a state of internal schism, and there can be no recovery of biblical unity among us further than there is a recovery of the biblical truths that are unity's basic bond."

Well said Dr. Packer!

* "Grace & Truth in the secular age" edited by Timothy Bradshaw c1998 Wm. B. Erdmans Publishing Co. Grand Rapids Michigan ISBN 0-8028-4343-3
Regent College Vancouver bookstore had a number of copies


"A bishop is not merely a local governor."



On the other hand the Anglican Journal has an editorial by Keith Knight & a report from ++Fred that all is ok and this kurfluffel is just a speed bump on the journey of the Anglican Church (my words).
I must ponder all this conflicting information.

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