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July 21, 2008


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Impressive. Have you been picking up organizational hints from a certain individual's messy desk?


The time of post feature confuses me because I read your blog literalistically.


Donald - you might be right, Ian's Messy Desk (see the side bar for the link, folks) is one of my regular reads.

Alex - what do you mean by that? :^)

ps, I'm back in town.


Welcome home and blessings on this St. Mary Magdelene's Feast Day. And I think posting ahead is somehow deceitful. So there. Seriously.


Susan - yes, it is a bit dicey, but I thought I would give it a try and see if the feature actually worked as well as Typepad said it would. Then again, perhaps it is a sort of blogging analogy of the ever present perspective of eternity. And I suppose that tomorrow I shall see what has been happening in the world.


Joe, well, there is *static electricity* always nearby, and you claimed to be 100 miles from any electricity. Thus this is not true, and as such, NONE of what you have written on your blog can be true. So I can safely assume that Lambeth has been the epitome of efficiency and effectiveness in resolving not just the current issues of Lambeth 10, but also world hunger, peace in the Mid East, and whether Harper really is a better leader than Dion (with a dissenting opinion by the Southern Cone).


I was speaking, of course, metaphorically :^)

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