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June 24, 2008


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You know, I always had the view that the militaristic conquest of New Spain was simply that - an imperial expansion. Now I start to wonder, how different was this from the conquest of Canaan where the Hebrews were told to destroy everything because of the idolatry and spiritual self-destruction of the inhabitants (including child sacrifices).

I've been reading about some of the trauma soldiers have experienced in Afghanistan where they child rape is happening just outside the tent where the soldiers are meeting with Afghani officials. The western superior officers basically say "don't look, don't tell" because it might disrupt further negotiations.

But how do you blindly allow such horrific behavior? I wonder if this disgust is what some of the Conquistidors felt when they ran into the practices of the priests of the New World.


that link can be viewed at:


It's fascinating to read Diaz' account of how the Spanish clergy react (not to mention the soldiers). I've just finished a section where he gives great vivid descriptions of the practice of human sacrifice - captured Spaniards and indigeneous peoples served to the Mexican idols. This was followed by a feasting on their flesh, which, Diaz notes, was "served with stewed tomatoes"...

All religions are equally valid...

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