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April 11, 2008


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And here I was thinking that the sheer force of my persuasive rhetoric . . .

Judging by the only picture I've ever seen of you, I think I might be a year or two older. For the past five years or so, every time I go see the eye doctor, he tells me that "next time" I'll need bifocals or progressives. Still no. And I'm bloody ancient.

Last night I was accused o having been Nelson's DivO.


Welcome to the club, Joe. I've had progressive lenses for a couple of years now. Makes sighting down the arrow (in archery) somewhat challenging.

I always laugh about who gets to be 'progressive' (in the churchland sense) and who doesn't. Some people are very 'progressive' theologically but if you dare to try to change a thing about traditional Anglican worship they go apoplectic. A friend of mine used to call them 'liturgical fundamentalists'. I have a friend who is quite liberal theologically in a lot of respects, but is shocked by the idea that you might take someone communion at home without wearing your stole (personally I've never been persuaded of the sacramental efficacy of wearing Roman magistrates' dress...).

Progressive is also a value judgement. After all, if you're not going in the right direction, you might think you're making progress, but in the eternal scheme of things..!


Fight it, Joe! Don't let them take you to the dark side...

I can't recommend this book highly enough.


Personally, I'm living in denial and avoiding the optometrist. It seems to have worked out reasonably well so far.


Malcolm - perhaps the optometrist will put in a theological prescription, & I'll read the texts differently now :^)

Up to this point it has served as good excuse for doing a poor job washing the dishes: "I didn't see that pasta sauce stain. Must be that I need new glasses..."


I joined the club when I was about 26. They are great. Except, don't drive yourself home from the opticians that first time. Things look a little bit strange that first day. . .

Raspberry Rabbit

Jeez and here I was getting out the champagne when I read the headline. Now I gotta figure out how to get the cork back in before all the 'pop' goes out of the stuff.


Cheryl - there is a really cool effect which makes things all spinny if I look up and down really quickly.

RR - well, I suppose you'll just have to drink it all before it goes bad!

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