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March 25, 2008


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Quite a switch from the usual Wahabbi take on the "People of the Book" - is he embracing pluralism like +Ingham and the United Religions Initiative or are his plans a bit darker.
With Dick Cheney's recent trip to the middle east and pleas to reduce world oil prices & bail out a few more US financial institutions, what would the Saudis ask in return ? Further carving up of the Holy Land or reducing the USA support of Israel - we shall see


Tom, I also noted further into the same edition of the J'lem Post that Messianic Jews in Israel have come under more deliberate harassment of late.


Yes the spirit of Haman is active in Saudi Arabia and sadly also in Israel. The Messianic or Jews whom have accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as Lord & Saviour have been hassled by various Muslim and ultra religious Jewish groups. Last week an explosive device contained in a Purim gift was left at the doorstep of David Oritz a Messianic Pastor in Ariel. David was not home so his 15 year old son Ami brought it in the kitchen and opened the package setting off the charge. He took the force of the blast and by a miracle survived but horribly burned & shattered. He is slowly recovering as prayers from around the world go up. Please pray for Ami and that from this wicked act a powerful witness will result. We do not hear about the Muslim conversions to Christianity nor the growth of the Messianic Church in the media.

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