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February 28, 2008


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"the Canadian Church as a whole remains vibrant and united in its witness to the Gospel message"

So, according to Fred Hiltz, what is the Gospel message? I think I fundamentally disagree with some people in the Anglican Church as to what the Gospel message is. Thus, I find it suspect that we are united in witnessing to the Gospel message.

Similar to his comments that "there is far more that draws us together than can ever tear us apart." Well, spell it out. What does "draw us together"? I'd like to know.

Is it a belief that Jesus is fully devine and fully human? That He is the only way to the Father? Because there are those in the church that disagree with that. Or is it just that we agree to discuss our differences. Well, so what? That makes us human, not Anglican.


What dream world is ++Hiltz living in?

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