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February 07, 2008


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I spent three days at Elliott House in Savannah last week listening to Dr. Robert Crouse lecture on the Paradiso. In case you tolerate other websites I will commend the recordings of studies held in the Parishes of Petite Riviere and New dublin which are accessible on their excellent website,
I read through Esolen's translation of the D.C. in Janaury and will try to go through Sayers' translation in Lent. (Esolen's notes have some amazing general introductions to each Book and Canto.) So, we'll be on the same journey.
While I was delighted to discover that Dante was, perhaps wihtout being fully conscious of it, a High Church Prayer Book Anglican, I was even more elated by his vision of the reconciliation of so many different and apparently opposing positions in the eternity and heaven of God and challenged by his call for reform in the Chuch and especially among the clergy. The relation of his love for Beatrice and for God and how both of these needed to be corrected and perfected is of course a paradigm for the proper relation of human and divine love (eros and agape) and the secular and spiritual but also full of helpful material for considering the meaning of one's relationship to and love for their spouse.
I look forward to your comments as you read through.
Your blog remains the only one worth visiting, both the content and tenor are refreshing.


Thanks for the link (and the kind words about the blog) Mike. I've added the link in the main post. Charles Williams in his commentary was quite interested in the relationship between eros and divine love. I think that in our current climate, the church could benefit from a deeper examination and reflection on these themes.

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