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February 20, 2008


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The Sheepcat

The winds are breaking. My, my, my.


Gag me with a spoon. PWRDF energy time and funding goes into developing this sort of drivel? That is just great to know. They need to find new "partners" and get back to their basic mandate and just say "no" to the Eco-Justice Committee (Peace and blessings be upon them and this is so their type of thing). "We pray for the air"??!! Gaia should be pleased anyway. But you're right. It is really funny.


breakingnews?? Fr. Joe, how could you? (Then again, how could you resist...)


Maybe the ladybug has gas and that's why she's so grouchy. Noticed that you've kept with Eric Carle but are no longer with the Hungry Caterpillar. My kids still love that book. Of course it is really called "Die Kleine Raupe Nimmersatt". I hope the kids are doing well.


alex - there are a few more Eric Carle books on the shelf, but I'm still working on the latin translations...


I know of many many seniors for whom a good fart would be the greatest blessing in the world - Let us stand in solidarity with our Brethren and bring on the winds and gases I say!

But seriously - yeah, sometimes people write liturgies and don't take a second look at what they've just written. Ah well, there's lots of other things to get het up about, so I'll cut 'em some slack.


Sometimes we just need to inject a little humour around the place.

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