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February 16, 2008


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Joseph, you are a well-behaved man, much better than your more knee-jerk 'news of the world' type blogger ;-)

Mind you in Ottawa, they chose to keep the meeting closed-session and the Bishops representative was not invited.



PS From what I have heard and read, I think I may be indeed more cynical about Niagaras best intentions.

PPS I pray that all things will come together for the glory of God. I'm glad the Boss is still in control.


The "tabloids" of the blogging world? :^)

When in doubt, just go play the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole video.


Sharon Hayton grew up a 1/4 of a mile south of me and was confirmed in our church. Her brother, a barrel chested farmer on the same land they grew up on, reported tonight she'd been fired, rather than inhibited.

Scott Gilbreath

I may be showing my limited knowledge of Anglican polity again, but doesn't inhibition require a credible charge of a violation of canon law? I don't recall seeing any specific charge mentioned. Or can a priest be inhibited at the whim of the bishop (or, in this case, the official occupying the bishop's seat while he's out of the country)?


Scott, although I don't know the specific canons from that ecclesiastical province, it does seem that one would at least be expected to have a specific canon, or at least a specific charge, named if there is an inhibition.


I think perhaps we start to see with greater clarity just how this all works. I think perhaps we have been labouring far too long under the delusion of a fair playing filed.


Matters of licensing and discipline are covered by the Canons of General Synod for the most part, so they fairly consistent across dioceses.

The Canons of General Synod offer this (Canon XVII -
"When a diocesan bishop has reasonable grounds to believe that a bishop, priest or deacon who does not hold a license or temporary permission from the diocesan bishop is officiating or is about to officiate in the diocesan bishop's diocese, the diocesan bishop may, by notice in writing to such bishop, priest or deacon, inhibit such person from officiating in the diocese."

Inhibition is usually only applied when someone from outside the diocese is entering and seeks to minister without authority. I wonder if they were subject to "revocation with notice" which is the usual route to de-license clergy of the diocese.

The same canon says this about revocation:

"The bishop having jurisdiction may, in accordance with this section, revoke a license in any circumstance other than those mentioned in section 10 [when guilty of an ecclesiastical offence]"

So the bishop can remove a license, but there is a specific due process in that canon afterwards...a conference, appointment of a commission, new appointment or pay and benefits in lieu of notice. The bishop is also supposed to aid the deposed in obtaining employment.

If anyone was really that interested...


As a follow-on comment, I would be interested to see if the Archdeacon had been properly appointed to act with the bishop's authority. Some authorities can not be delegated and I have a hunch that revocation of a license might be one of them.

In any event, if he 'inhibited' these diocese clergy the action would be void as you can not inhibit someone who holds a diocese license - by definition holding a license means there is nothing to inhibit.

If he was not properly authorized to do so, even the action of revocation would be ultra vires - beyond his authority and would also be void.

Were I in their shoes, and having been inhibited, I would be continuing in ministry with no change.

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