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January 22, 2008


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Preston Parsons

Thanks for the link. You might think of coming out for the conference.


isnt this conference designed for people who arent coming out?


anthony, I prefer the overheard phrase: "so far in the closet they can almost see Narnia". Perhaps you and I could get a grant to attend. I think that one of the things this conference might do is give Anglicans a chance to actually discuss what we think "marriage" means, as opposed to simply talking about relationships.



if you can get the money together, i will be there--i do have a dog in this fight (standard french poodle, named fifi)

Preston Parsons

Coming out for the conference. Nice!

This conference will be an opportunity for some genuine reflection. The presenters are far from uniform in their positions, but rather, as you see above - it will be exploring imaginitive options, imagination being conspicuously absent in most discussions on human sexuality, where answers tend to precede reflection.

To that end, there was at one point some hope of getting a representative from radical orthodoxy - a movement being for the most part pro gay while living within the borders of classical Christian reflection - to come as well, but it looks like that has not panned out.

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