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December 19, 2007


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Yes, I can see that this in particular is going to hit home hard! 'Least problematic solution' - yes, indeed. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Since when was the church involved in the culture of death? Ah yes, I know, when it ceased being a church of Christ.

Inclusivity is not more than a ploy on the way to the triumph of the new thing. Once it has done it's work, it'll be jetisoned in favour of justice.

Perhaps I shall write something particularly scathing tomorrow.


I can't help but thinking the guy on the right looks like you?


Better looking, though, Leslie. Although it's actually a girl.


The one on the right in SJ's picture is a girl? The pink dress is flared so I assumed the straighter purple one on the right was really a shirted body. Kid art is a fascinating insight into what the kidartist is thinking at the time. Having never met SJ, I'm just guessing.

There's something deeply significant about the human ability to create and recreate life in art. Parents create children and children in turn create their parents, and hang them on the fridge. Somewhat of a circle of life.

Your post says it well, Joe.

steve the z

If Kid art is an insight into what the Kidartist is thinking, then it appears SJ is thinking some pretty good thoughts. Birds, water fall, family, trees and flowers, and I think a dog (maybe cat). That's good living.


Soory, Leslie, my mistake - I thought you were talking about Sarah Joy.


Leslie and Tim: sometimes it's hard to tell. Although SJ rejects many of the presuppositions of many modernist schools, such as those of Chagall and even the Synthetic Cubists, it is difficult to classify her as genuinely post modern in her approach to the subjects. Remnants of Henri Matisse and Pierre Bonnard can still be detected.

Peter: one of the things which people should take note of is how the word "inclusive" has come to have only one meaning in our contemporary church. To which I say: if you are going to put forth on an issue, then by all means speak your piece, but don't pretend you are being truly "inclusive" in the full sense of the word. On the other hand, perhaps the church is becoming "trisomophobic"...

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