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December 20, 2007


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Scott Gilbreath

I hereby nominate Rev felix Joseph. Joe, you can fill out (a) and (b). As for (c), you know where I live.


A shameless attempt to gain comments, that's what I call it ;-)


"Simony" it was called in the olden days...

Benedict XVI

I would dearly love to throw my hat into the ring as an ecumenical gesture. Felix, let me know when you are next in Rome, and I will take you to a charming cafe I know.


Not a chance that such a brazen attempt will win my favour. All will bow to serve me! Once I raise the White Hand on high, order will be restored, and peace will reign in our diocese.

First order of business: construct a large wall around the diocese to keep everyone else out. Cut down all the trees, and build a large spire as the new bishop's manse.

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