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December 03, 2007


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Scott Gilbreath


Did you notice R. John has posted nonsense about the Network movement and the AEC blog?

Mrs. Falstaff

Yes, I was wondering about that myself....


I never said you would like his blog... :^) BTW, I find it curious in my rather small and unscientific sampling, that very few Canadian clerical bloggers of Anglican persuasion will link to colleagues of the, err, other side of the great table of dialogue. There are a few exceptions (well, okay, only one that I've found so far - expanding the circle). I do find it interesting, but perhaps that's just me.

The recent events seem to have encouraged a few folks to go online.

ps - I might have to break down and get a google account.

Scott Gilbreath

I might have to break down and get a google account.

Go for it, Joe.

Ann Marie

I link to sites on the spectrum partly because I was blessed at college to learn from people who saw things differently than me. I learned to value their insights. Plus which, I live in a conservative diocese so it just makes sense to keep up on things. But even then, there are certain sites I will not link to and that I usually avoid, so I guess I shouldn't get too puffed up with pride. But thanks Joe.

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie


I didn't think one needed to have a google account to post to my blog. I'll look into it and, if so, I'll try to figure out how to fix it.

Long before having a google account myself, I was posting to Fr. Haller's "In a Godward Direction" blog which uses google but allows for non-google posts.


Malcom+ - thanks. I've seen both kinds of Blogger comments - some allow for "others" and some just allow those who sign in with a Google account.


I looked at my settings and it says anyone can comment. I tried to test it, but it recognized me even without logging in. If you were to give it a shot, it would tell me one way or another.


Thanks Malcolm+ - I adjusted a few security settings on safari beta and it seems to work fine now.


BTW, I've now linked to you on my blog - and thank you for linking to me.

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