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December 04, 2007


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Isaac Habib

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Thank you for your information. Today truth is rare, and understood by very few among Humanity.


Isaac - I think it is a reality which is too often overlooked by Christians in the west. The last time I was in Bethlehem (about 7 months ago), many of the Christian merchants indicated that they believed the actual numbers are now well below 20%.

Wet Coast Tom

A grim lot for Arab Christians. I spoke with some on my 2005 trip. Too bad they have to leave as they seem to be the more industrious & clever. Many to pray for and financially support. See under "ministrys" and you will find Mary Rewers with "The Sheepfold" a Christian ministry in Bethlehem reaching out to disabled Muslim & Christian kids & doing great works. Also a whole list of Messianic & Arab Evangelical congregations in the Holy Land. Good news - they are worshipping & working together !!! Keep them in your prayers.

While good things are happening on the ground over there our ACoC continues to play silly games, Rowan Williams is anti-Israel / anti-West (but then to be critical of Islam could cause a pain in the neck - we must rename or son's Curious George doll) & the Roman & Orthodox Churches are hoping their Jerusalem land holdings will go up in value after the Annapolis meeting. Oy Vay! a leadership crisis.

Keep us posted on the skating rink Joe - my wife attended St Tims in the 60's & we will visit on the next Edmonton trip - cheers


Tom - thanks for the commnent. The rink is now near perfection - and thanks for the info on Mary Rewers. A while ago i had a brief visit with a group in Nazareth who also specialize in ministry to kids with disabilities.

Wet Coast Tom

Kind of quiet thread here Joe - not much outrage but then again it goes against the grain of the CBC & CNN mantra. Any liberation theology or replacement theology answers to this dilema ?

One thing for sure Joe - we are praying for your most excellent upcoming Holy Land Tour 2008 and all the special people God is inviting to accompany you.
Invite you say ? Yes as it not everyone whom will get to share the wonders of the Holy Land.


Tom - I find a lot of people don't have an awareness of the situation of Christians throughout the middle east.

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