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November 29, 2007


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"...their ministry in the Anglican Church of Canada is inappropriate, unwelcome and invalid. "

Curious. Who would have thought in all of this that the ACC would take a Donatist line? I mean really 'invalid'. What is the grounds for this.

I guess when your shopping list of heresies reaches a certain point, what is the harm of adding Donatism?


Now then are you going to give us your view? ;-)


"The actions by the Primate of the Southern Cone are also inappropriate. They contravene ancient canons of the Church going as far back as the 4th century,...Furthermore these actions violate Canon XVII of the Anglican Church of Canada which states that “No Bishop priest or deacon shall exercise ordained ministry in a diocese without the license or temporary permission of the Diocesan Bishop.”

Holy Cow! All the Anglicans in the whole world are subject to the "ancient canons of the Church" AND to Canon 17 of the Anglican Church of Canada! Who knew? I feel so stupid. I've always assumed that General Synod made canons for the Anglican Church in Canada, not for Anglicans everywhere. Boy is our GS powerful or what.

It is really so pastorally helpful to know that the signatories are happy about Advent and happy to be Christians and that they esteem theological chaos and constant conversation, so long as its polite of course.

This letter has so many flaws. I'm not going to parse it any further. I am getting tired of making myself sick reading these sorts of statements.


And by the way, did anyone read this thing over before signing it? They have called all Anglicans to Mission and Faithful Witness in service of the Gospel. I suspect that is exactly what the Province of the Southern Cone would say it is doing.


It amazes me that intelligent people can live in such duality - while New West runs wild no one says anything...

My favorite is: "Our General Synods have consistently strived to honour every voice...". Didn't Michael Peers prevent the Zachaeus Fellowship from speaking at Synod '04 because he didn't feel they had anything useful to say?


Peter: My thoughts? I am but a humble parish pastor; such things, as the psalmist says, are too lofty for me.

But if I were forced, here is where I would begin. The shift of language: even the official communcations have dropped the "in the sense of being credal" from the "core doctrine" bit. And secondly, the letter states that the SMR "declared" that SSB "need not be" a communion breaking issue. Again, a shift in language. The initial report said “the Commission does not believe that this should be a communion-breaking issue.” This has now been upgraded to: the Commission “declared” that it “need not be” a communion breaking issue. Minor, perhaps, but a carelessness around language is unhelpful. It appears to move from the presentation of an opinion to the assertion of a fact.


Thanks Joeseph of the humble pastorate, I hoped I might draw you out a little. C'mon, you're a blogger, join the rest of us knee-jerk reactionaries. :-)


Peter: our knees should jerk, first and foremost downward in prayer :^)
blessed St Andrew's Day, which BTW, is an ordination anniversary for me. As St Andrew is also the patron of Scotland, and there is a Scottish line of Walkers, and one line of Walkers is associated with a certain product of Scotland, I can think of no better way of celebrating the Saint's day than by... Maybe I'll post a more detailed analysis later.


You're celebrating with shortbread? I'd have thought whisky was more your style.


Donald: I'm thinking the other Walker clan. My middle name is Joseph, but my first name is Johnnie.


Well, then I'll drink a toast in your honour with Johnnie's buddy, Glen. Glenfiddich that is.


When you are down here, old boy, well have to find ways of celebrating with my Whisky collection :-)


FWIW, when the warden was done reading the pastoral letter before the beginning of the service proper, I asked if anyone had any questions. The only question was "who exactly is the Church of the Southern Cone?"


It's the Ice Cream Cone now (old joke, still like it though)

Ann Marie

When I was done reading the letter one of my parishoners, a retired school principle, asked - "Could you now tell us what it said?"

The average person in the pew really has little idea nor cares overly much about what is happening at levels where they have little to no say. At times I feel like that. Why bother keeping up with what is happening when what I believe or feel will have no impact on the outcome? And then I think: "Na, I gotta be a thorn in someone's side, somewhere, somehow."

Love and Prayers,
Ann Marie

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