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November 14, 2007


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Mrs. Falstaff

That is why I think Alpha is such a wonderful programme. We had "Alpha in the pub" this fall - many people would attend at a pub and not a church.


Mrs Falstaff: The idea of Alpha in the pub - not having another "program in the church" - is a great example of getting beyond the walls and doors of the building and into the neighbourhood. I think the hidden genius of the book is to get people thinking and acting outside the typical "Christian ghetto". Sure there will always be a place for stuff within the church, and the necessity of gathering with Christians, but the push is to ask ourselves about the reality of our relationship to the wider community, and our personal approach to people who are outside our Christian circles.

steve the z

wow, at the corner of "purpose and saddleback", there has to be at least one license plate that just reads "life", so that whenever rick drives down that road he is truly living a purpose driven life.

a string walks into a bar...


steve the z - you're not one of them there "emerging church" groupies, are you? :^)


Part of the problem lies in the fact that we view churchs as places where we do spiritual things. I know of people whose view is that nothing should ever happen inside the walls of the church building if it does not contain an explicitly "Christian" - God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life - message to it.

The irony is that too often we host evenings that innoculate people against the Gospel. For example, a games night with opening and closing prayer and perhaps a folksy little homily from the priest. The type of event that leaves everybody with a warm fuzzy and a sense that they've spent time in a "spiritual" environment.

Unfortunately, too often these type of evenings neither present people who attend with the hard realities of the Gospel, such as "loving those that hate you," nor do they allow for a deeper chance at relationship between the people who attend, thereby giving them a chance to build community together.

Now on an entirely different topic. When are you going to review "The Grouchy Ladybug" Joseph

steve the z

emerging church, not really, more of a menno-lutheran paradox that sleeps in on sundays.


steve - I'm personally of the opinion that we should follow our Lord's example of the Last Supper, which most likely began in the late afternoon or early evening...

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