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November 18, 2007


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Wyclifee seems to go from strength to strength with an endless succession of most impressive appointments. This is a most encouraging sign for the future of the Anglican Church of Canada and of theological education in our country. Thanks be to God.


I wonder when there's going to be an 'official announcement' at this end?


Michael - I concur; this can only mean good things for future clergy and lay leaders being trained at Wycliffe, and for the Anglicanc church in Canada as a whole.
Tim - isn't Toronto ahead of us in everything? :^) I suspect we will see something in the Synod Scene or such. At the same time, perhaps we are meant to focus our hearts and minds on the upcoming election.


The college item is datelined 24 October. That is almost 4 weeks ago. What is wrong with this Diocese? We leave vast numbers of not online parishioners out of the loop, and I have heard the pain from them "I am a second class citizen" by replacing the previous print newsletter with an online newsletter (Synod Scene) which inexplicably over the past several issues has not mentioned this (because of this post I fully expect it to be included in tomorrow's Synod Scene) and then we get to find out, if we are lucky enough to have a computer and know about "blogs" and actually have this one bookmarked, a month after the fact, what the heck our Bishop is doing with her life in the near future. This is absolutely appalling but par for the course for this Diocese. I will refrain from commenting on the substance of the story except to say I am saddened.

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