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October 30, 2007


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I think there are laws about jokes like that. If not, there should be some.


Whatever you do don't head south, because then you'll be a buck ought four and ear and the whole joke is ruined. On second thought......

Scott Gilbreath

I take it you're going out in costume on Hallowe'en. We'll look forward to a photo.

The Sheepcat

Ohhh. Man, that's a groaner!

Lisa Barrowclough

Congrats on the value of those ears, by the way - consistently surpassing our American Dollar these days! (Not much fun for those of us paying Canada Student Loans with US dollars - but after 4 years of it working out to my benefit, I suspect it's pay back time.)
I also long to see a photograph of this costume endeavour!


Lisa - I'll see if I can get a pic. :^) In the meantime, I thought I would disguise myself on Hallowe'en by wearing my clericals....

Mrs. Falstaff


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