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October 13, 2007


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By jove! I think you are onto something there :-)

Mrs. Falstaff

I've visited churches like that, sadly. In one parish in Toronto, the priest actually stopped preaching and glared at me when the baby fussed, and he didn't start again until I left. We ran into the Rector on the way out, and he was appalled (the person preaching wasn't the rector, obviously), but still....

Mrs. Falstaff

He reminded everyone that the purpose was to Spread The Word Of God? Really?? Perhaps he should read more of that Word before he makes his decisions about same sex blessings?


BTW, is there anything out there as to what Brian McLaren said to the synod? I remember that he was coming to Ottawa as a sort of special guest, but I haven't seen or heard anything since.

Mrs. Falstaff

Not that I've heard. I don't even know who he is.


McLaren is either a] guru of the emerging church movement; hence b] a very bad man; or c] a very good man; all depending on whose blog you are reading.

I like the line from the bishop's charge: "Clergy will get annual performance reviews". That should prove an interesting and encouraging process... :^)


Joseph, loved the lines about the go away Sunday. Just changed parishes here in Ottawa because of that go away feeling.

First church physically beautiful, easily 100+ parishners per service but gives off that kids are to be seen and not heard feeling. Every time we took Sebastian we were told to go into the nursery at aleast once. And the last week I was there a woman came up and took Audrey from me to take her to Sunday school, and the layed assistant happened to be a man who yelled (pratically attacked, got up from his seat and hovered over me) at me on the bus a few weeks back for being on my cell phone.

New church complete opposite. We were 33 people in church this week. First week the layed assistant came to the back of the church to get me toys and a colouring book so that the kids could play. After the service they came up and said their plan is to change the last three pews of the church into the nursery! This week the rev. took Sebastian up to the front with him to make the announcements and said next week there would be a stool for Audrey to sit at the front of the church with him during the service.


Today two baptisms of wonderful infant girls...many sisters milling around...many more playing, crying, running in various parts of the at the altar rail for communion with lamb masks on (Sunday school craft, I hope)...basically the swirling chaos of creation all in one parish sanctuary with the brooding Spirit hovering above.

It just doesn't get much better.

I wonder if the clergy assessments will include grading on the quality of prayer or the obvious demonstration of spiritual gifts...perhaps scoring for prophetic accuracy?


Joe, I absolutely love your proposed liturgy - what a hoot. I've been to churches like that. I offended friends of mine by ranting about how unfriendly their congregation was when I attended once while they were out of town. But it was one of the worst experiences I had ever had visiting a church. (Their self perception was that they were a friendly congregation). For six month I went to one church every Sunday and the weekday service only to be asked twice one Sunday if I was visiting (this was not a big congregation - there was no excuse). I'd go down for coffee after the service and stand alone for twenty minutes until I'd leave. One day I saw a woman standing alone and went over to chat with her. She told me she found it amusing to go down for tea and see how long she could stand there without anyone talking to her. At the end of six months I attended a study group and found it funny when they started to go on about how friendly they were. When I told them that I didn't want to offend but that I hadn't found them so the rector agreed that he often saw people standing alone at coffee. I wanted to add that he was just as bad. He'd shake my hand after the service already looking over my shoulder at the next person. If it hadn't been for the honourary assistant and a really warm woman in the congregation I never would have stuck it out.
oops, I think you touched a nerve Joe!

Mrs. Falstaff

"I like the line from the bishop's charge: "Clergy will get annual performance reviews". That should prove an interesting and encouraging process... :^)"

Indeed. My translation is "toe the line or else". I'm actually very worried for the orthodox clergy in Ottawa, especially my own priest, who has taken a leadership role in this mess; I'm afraid that they will get fired before the Network is ready to help. I'm on parish council, but I'm not really sure what we as parishioners and council members can do to protect our leaders.

Mrs. Falstaff

Actually worried doesn't even begin to cut it: heartsick is a better word.

Mrs. Falstaff

Here's a link on the Essentials blog about McLaren:

I've no idea what he said, though.

Mrs. Falstaff

Whoops, let's try that again:


Mrs Falstaff: perhaps then in addition to the liturgy for "go away sunday", I will have to come up with an annual performance review of Jesus, based on a yearly evaluation of his ministry... :^)


In giving it a name, a particular Sunday of the year, and pushing it as an initiative, that should all but ensure its failure, thereby making many parishes more friendly on that one Sunday per year.

Mrs. Falstaff

"I will have to come up with an annual performance review of Jesus, based on a yearly evaluation of his ministry... :^)"

I'm Glad I Wasn't Drinking Coffee When I Read That...


i appreciate this post because it hits a nerve with me. several different times i've attended the anglican church where my boys are in scouts, and i've experienced it all from the "you're in my pew" at a sunday service to the polite distancing from any new face at the 'getting-to-know-our-young-families' spaghetti dinner. at least, as a priest, you recognize this issue. but when/how will parishoners change? what does it take? do you think that if i had cried at the church rather than saving it for when i got home would have made a difference?

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