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September 14, 2007


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And now I find myself fueled for a weary work day. Thanks Joe.


I agree with Leslie, of course, but I'm sort of amazed that you posted it so early in the morning - I hadn't even had my first cup of coffee, and there you were!!!

Or - perhaps you actually posted it last thing at night...


Tim - I have these kind of natural alarm clocks. Someone in the house is cutting some molars, so I was up a bit late last night, or was it early this morning?


Thank you, Joseph, for keeping Holy Cross Day. I'd not known of this wonderful thing from the Abbot of Deutz. My new favourite for this HD. Brought to mind some of Thomas Traherne's writings on the Cross; some of his stuff is sort of like that. Here is one that is a little different from Traherne:

The cross of Christ is the Jacob's ladder by which we ascend into the highest heavens.

There we see joyful patriarchs, expecting saints, and prophets ministering, apostles publishing and doctors teaching, all nations concentring, and angels praising.

That cross is a tree set on fire with invisible flame, that illuminateth all the world. The flame is love. The love in his bosom who died upon it. In the light of which we see how to possess all things in heaven and earth after his similtude.

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