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August 30, 2007


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I think it's more likely that the message of vv.2-6 almost exactly duplicates the message of last week's gospel, Luke 13:10-17.


Tim; I would agree that taken as an isolated passage, 2-6 duplicates last week's readings. But I think the placement here might (and only might) hint at something else to think about.


...there is some sort of loud activity happening which does not sound as if the gift of charity is being exercised in its fullest expression by the younger members of the felix clan...

Heh, heh. Yes, we get that too ;-)


I'm glad you finally got back to the lections. I hope that peace and calm will reign in casa felix.

Although I decided to go with the lections as given this time, I think I'll include it next time it comes around (God willing). The deletion of this account totally changes the tone of this pericope;

First of all the reason the Pharisees were watching becomes a little more clear...was the man a "plant"...someone being used to trap Jesus into performing yet another Sabbath healing?

It also puts a strong sense of irony in Jesus' instructions about making up guest lists. The people Jesus tells us not to invite, the wealthy, our friends and neighbours, those who can pay our hospitality back, are, of course exactly the people who are present at this dinner;... with the exception of the cripple, of course.

I agree, there's more here than a simple healing.

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