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August 14, 2007


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While not all would agree with me, I suggest that there a a fair amount to be gleaned from some of the people, ideas and practices found in what has come to be labeled "emerging church."

Know that I thought the sifting was a good thing. In fact, I'm of the firm conviction that it is how we should live, sifting and gleaning everywhere we are.

What very little reading I've done of emerging church stuff has mostly seemed to me to be common sense: take people where they're at, honour the questions, etc. Truly, the fact that these kinds of issues are beginning to appear, have meant a lot to the agnostic academics in my life who have felt the church to be about blind acceptance.

It appears to me, however, that its development into a "movement" has served as a distraction to itself and in some cases almost idolatrous -- the discussion moves to defining it or the justification of not defining it. I say that only as a point of observation. Distraction seems a natural companion for movements and idolatry seems to be a natural tug for humanity. Making idols is what we humans have done since we first dragged our irreducibly complex selves out of the primordial pond.

Still, perhaps since you suggest it, I'll put the book on my winter list and give the whole business another try...



There's a very interesting post at Amy Welbourn's place on the topic. I think it's close to a must read, especially the commentary by Brad Harper in the interview with Ignatius press.

Here's a quote from the book which might cause some conversations to get started: "After sixteen years of ministering at the corner of Howard and Navarro, I've learned that living in a stable, relatively good family is a person's best chance at experiencing justice. The best way for a child to get out of poverty is for his single parent to get married."


Thanks, Joe - I'll look forward to reading it.


well, Tim, since it's now shortly after 9 pm and it looks like you are at the same cafe open stage that I am, I could just walk over and lend you my copy...


And interrupt the music???!!!

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