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July 26, 2007


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Scott Gilbreath

JP will also need a baby credit card to charge BabyFirstTV's fee, and then a baby job to pay the baby credit card bills, and then ...


they sure grow up fast these days, don't they?


Since the general insinuation is that TV for kids is bad....

Is it bad that our 2 year old son gets to watch 10 minutes of Kleiner Eis Bar (German: The Little Polar Bear) every day while doing his inhalations? What kinds of things do we look at to determine if we should let our kids watch TV / videos? Or how long they should?


I think it is tied to a number of other factors that have to do with child-rearing in general. In your case, Alex, I might suppose that one of your chief aims, in addition to occupying baby during a necessary routine, is to expose your child to language skills; personally I think they should learn Latin first :^). I suggest this also has to do with what is being suggested by the producers of the channel. When I first saw this news item last year, there was an interesting observation:

Dr. Michael Rich, an assistant professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School who studies the impact of the media on children's health, says it "defies reason" to suggest that television could help parents and babies interact.

"Television primarily is a medium that demands attention to the TV, not to other people in the room," he said in an interview with CBC Television.

Babies' brains cannot decode the two-dimensional image on a television screen, Rich said. Their brains are developing and they need a different kind of stimulation to help them grow, he added.

"They need interaction with other human beings and to manipulate their environment. They need to pick up the block or try to get the Cheerios into the mouth," he said.

But Rich said it was inevitable that broadcasters would identify babies as a market niche to be exploited.

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