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June 29, 2007


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The letter seems to overlook the confusion created by the vote on 187.


One thing that seemed clear to me is that there are as many opinions on 186/187 as there are people.


Last time I checked there were three creeds accepted by the church - now it seems core doctrine in the sense of being creedal does not include all three?

There are a few more primary doctrines in the creeds (even with just two) than the Trinity and the Incarnation.


Bishop Hoskin has sent a pastoral letter to all the clergy of the Diocese of Calgary similar to Bishop Matthews. The key sentence: "I think that I can safely say that no one in the Anglican Church of Canada, nor in our Diocese, will
be entirely happy with what GS2007 has done. GS2007 has said Yes to the blessing of same sex unions but No to the implementation of it at this time. In keeping with the decision of GS2007, the National House of Bishops has maintained the moratorium on the blessing of same sex unions."

The letter isn't on the diocesan website yet but I imagine it will be after it is read in churches this Sunday.


A lot of spin going on here, I think.


Is that the letters that are spinning, or we commentators?

Scott Gilbreath

Archbishop Terry Buckle has written a letter to the clergy of the Diocese of Yukon. Here's a bit:

The resulting consequence of the voting results of these resolutions leaves many with a sense of confusion and uncertainty as we seek to keep together and work together as a church over the next three years until General Synod 2010. Our church is hurting, it feels torn, people are weary of the matter and in the days ahead we will see how the rest of the Anglican Communion reacts to these resolutions of the Anglican Church of Canada.
The full text is posted here.


thx for collecting & posting the letters. very interesting to date. i feel, however, that i'm seeing a lot of spin-doctoring/PR/postioning etc going on as the bishops have now returned home to their people.

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