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June 15, 2007


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Scott Gilbreath

A low blow. Joe, you're a brave man. You realise your name is mud at General Synod.


Thanks Scott- I'll have to keep an eye out for that Rev. Eustace character, and ask if I can get elected to a committee or two...

Mike Somerville

Hey Joseph,

Who knew that the ministry of the church should only deal with matters that require increased government regulation and taxation?

But my Pontiac Montana could use some prayer, the upside being that I now know which mechanics to avoid in Mississuaga.


Mike: well, the liturgy at this point can only bless Dodge Caravans. I'll have to look into the ecumenical possibility of blessing the Pontiac brand line. Hope Mississuaga is treating you all well.


Ooh, ohh, I have a Dodge Van. Can I have it blessed? Please! Please! Pick me, pick me!


On the other hand, this connection between "ongoing study" and poverty finally answers the question of why students are often poor. As a solution to the entire gamut of social crises, I suggest we eliminate universities, where I hear there is a lot of "ongoing study". Well, at least the night before exams. Maybe these social crises peak around early december and april...


I was in Oxford today, the day term ended, and it looked like a huge amount of revelling was going on the celebrate the end of ongoing study...


I just don't know how one can claim that ongoing study in one area will prevent the church from addressing these social issues, but "ongoing study" in every other area - governance, liturgy, worship texts, the price of corn in Taber - well, that's another matter...

Mrs. Falstaff

I'm glad I wasn't drinking coffee when I read that...

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