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June 18, 2007


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Preston Parsons

There's a curious argument in this resolution - that permitting same-sex blessings would allow gay lesbian people to participate in the whole life of the church. But what same-sex blessings does is *add* something to the life of the church. It's a flawed argument. There's nothing barring gay and lesbian people from the life of the church, unless what is desired is gay marriage - but this is not what is (technically speaking) being asked for. What this resolution wants, and others like it, is life + of the church.

Grant Biggings

By this ridiculous resolution Steve Schuh and Michael Ingham are clearly saying that they do not regard the decisions of General Synod or for that matter the Anglican Communion as whole body. Why are they even there? They are there only to promote their unilateral minority agenda to bless same sex marriage, against the clear warning to cease and desist from the World Wide Anglican Communion. Steve and Michael will do what they want no matter what the out come of General Synod. We have endured enough of their whining of what they want and they will not take no for an answer. If they want to do their own thing they are free to remove themselves from the Anglican Communion but they should Not presume to take the whole Diocese of New Westminster and the Anglican Church of Canada with them. Steve Schuh’s resolution is a waste of time. At what point will we as a Christian church move on to do the good work of teaching the Gospel instead of catering to these few who insist the church bless their sinful ways?


Grant B.

Further to my previous post. Perhaps a clearer writing of this resolution would read:

In spite of any decisions made by General Synod 2007, the Anglican Church of Canada agrees that Bishop Michael Ingham can and will do whatever he wants.

The selective and limited explanatory notes with this resolution are included to gloss over Michael Ingham’s megalomaniacal intentions with the "blessing" of the Anglican Church of Canada.

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