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June 19, 2007


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Ellie in T.O.

"The unanimous opinion of the Theological Commission (and of many other sources) is that the question of same-gender blessings should not be a communion breaking issue."

Umm... hello? Where have these people been for the past 4 years? It IS a communion breaking issue. The break has already happened!!


Ellie - I think he means "in Canada"; basically, whatever happens, you should still pay your diocesan apportionment! Interesting how he says Anglicans are in 164 countries, but neglects that it could be 163 after this weekend.

As for the primate, I'm praying for one with a backbone this election. Everything I've heard from him seems lighter than fluff.

Barclay Mayo   (ACiC)

I too hope for a New Primate with Backbone. However, none of the front-runners fit that bill, at least from an orthodox perspective. Victoria would have us believe that, but she is a closet liberal at worst, and a wishy washy centrist, who believes that schism is a greater sin than setting aside scripture and ordination/consecration vows.

So, I am hoping and praying that a strong liberal will get the Primacy of Canada. Then the rest of the church will have no excuse for wallowing is never-never land and hoping for some miracle to give the church some sanity.

The Primates have drawn the line in the sand, and now is the time of decision. Choose now whom you will serve.

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